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You’ll find out that Chemistry is more than just simple formulas and substances, reactions and structures difficult to visualize.

In fact… chemistry is life!

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Nowadays, it is known that slight chemical differences in what we eat, breathe or wear can produce completely different effects on human health.
One chemical substance can be used as energy or strength source and feed you well enough, while another alike substance (but not exactly the same) could cause you an illness or even death. This is only a well known example, but makes us aware of a fundamental aspect of science; THE RESPONSIBILITY THAT HUMAN BEINGS MIGHT HAVE IN ITS APPLICATIONS.Dead%20wood%202.jpg
The environmental problems that we have to face right now, as well as the food crisis among other problems, reiterate the fact that we have not been very smart when applying science in our lives. Thus, responsibility is one of those key words that shall be taken into account if human race is to stay alive a thousand years more.
Does this mean that we shall forget the I-Phone, the car and all the technological advances we know and become cavemen?
Of course not!
Since the problem is not about the progress but the way we achieve it, it is clear that non-traditional ways of solving problems have to be developed, and they are being developed right now. Green chemistry is one example.
In this site you will find information about green chemistry and some other interesting topics that may help you to better understand the chemical behavior of nature and of the Chemistry Subject, of course. If you are looking for information that helps you do your homework (help do for you) you are in the right place; if not, you are also in the right place!. If you have a suggestion in order to improve this site just write it in the post section.

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